Reservations may also be made via telephone: 989-654-2447

This information will help us determine what availability we have for the dates you request. To ensure the best experience with River View, we give personal attention to each reservation request. Once we receive the information below, we will be in touch to confirm our availability and get your reservation completed:

Please note: We assign the number of campsites you need based on the amount of attendees. You do not reserve "x number of sites", we give your group enough space to accommodate the amount of people/gear you expect.

Adding yourself to an existing reservation? Click here instead of filling out this form.

To avoid confusion: If you are looking to join friends who already made a reservation, do not start a new reservation below. Confirm existing reservation details (Group Name / Date / River Trip etc.) with the person who setup the original reservation, then simply pay for your portion and you'll be added to their reservation.