Tubing on the Rifle River is another great way to enjoy the Rifle River.

All of our river tubes are vinyl tubes with a tall backrest with 2 cup-holders. Choose from a mesh "Wet-Butt" bottom if you'd like to get wet, or a solid "Dry-Butt" bottom if you don't. Since all of our tubes offer a "bottom" they are good for kids as well as adults. We like to keep it simple. Hop off the bus, choose whichever tube you like and off you go for one rental rate.

We also offer floats that hold your coolers.

All of our tubes have a "leash" attached which allows for a simple way to attach to your buddy or to your cooler float! No more ropes to cut!

We offer 2 different tubing trips.

Short Trip (1-1.5 Hours)
Long Trip (5-7 Hours)

Reservations are required on all weekends.

Our long tubing trip begins with a short shuttle ride up-river to one of our landings and you float back to River View. All of our shuttles depart at regularly scheduled times. On busy days we are shuttling many people up river and it is important for tubers to arrive at our bus loading area on time. If you miss your scheduled departure time, you will have to wait until the next shuttle bus that has extra room.

Our short tubing trip begins right at our River View Landing at the center of our campground, and ends at one of our partner canoe liveries. Pull your tubes out of the river and head into the office to let the staff know you have arrived. We'll be by shortly to pick you and your gear up for the short bus ride back to your car or campsite.

There is no time-limit on our river trips, feel free to take as much time as you'd like. Our only guideline is that you must have your tubes back to River View Campground no later than 6pm.

To avoid disappointment, reservations should be made as far in advance as possible.

Sunday through Friday is your best choice if you are looking for a peaceful journey down the river, especially if you have small children. Saturdays from Memorial Day through Labor Day are extremely busy on the Rifle River.

Children 12 yrs. and under must wear a life preserver at all times!

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Tubing Trips
Short Trip
Float down river and bussed back to River View.
1 - 1.5
Long Trip
Bussed up river then float back to River View.

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